VoiD Gaming is a professional eSports organisation competing in Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League, League of Legends, Overwatch and many more. Here at VoiD Gaming, we believe we are a family and work tirelessly to make sure each individual team, staff memeber, and content creator is cared for, catered for and is happy. We pay attention to every single member equally and act in a friendly and loving community manour.


We were established by George "Bofferz" Bray on the 31st October 2014 as a small clan amongst a few friends. When these few friends including Bofferz himself started to delve deeper back into the world of competitive Call of Duty like Bofferz had once done. Slowly the brand of VoiD started to establish itself with some amateur circles in competitive. The brand then started to take on another team for Call of Duty, and slowly a twitter account and other social media platforms began to materialse and gain a following as the team's successes started to grow. On the 31st October 2015, exactly 1 Year after the establishment of VoiD Gaming, Bofferz retired from competitive Call of Duty, and found more time for his growing passion for VoiD Gaming. Quickly the staff and organisation started to bloat with the acquisition of Taylor "Heavenz" Ritchie in December of the same year. Heavenz worked tirelessly in his first post as eSports Team Manager, and quickly earned his trust at Bofferz's side, becoming CEO with Bofferz in a matter of months.


Things progressed at a steady pace for sometime, until the inception and fall of the DVLeague, in which we acquired the aid of Joshua "CarboN" Bright, who completed the three man CEO sweep. Other staff members such as the Cheif of Recruitment, "Wolfie" and, key figures in VoiD's history such as Seth "Brutal" Krauss and Zakk "Sparks" Ayers all came and went onto bigger and better things, but left their footprint on VoiD. Amazing teams that attended LANs such as the Portuguese COD Roster of HeRoo, Rufia, RRSK1LL and Scratches acquired the first LAN Title for VoiD Gaming in the early stages of Black Ops 3 at the Conception LAN. It then paved the way for multiple LAN successes to come in CS:GO in Seatle LANs with two successive Top 3 placings. Since then we've found success in many online leagues and tournaments from multiple teams and have found ourselves expanding into eSports like Rocket League, Rainbow 6 Seige and many more.


As of today, we're still working hard and happy with our ethos. We have attained over 1.6 thousand followers on Twitter, and growing still at a rapid rate.