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Sun 4th Feb 2018 - 10:17am : Esports : Content Creation : Staff / Management

We won't make any excuses or apologies for the activity of VoiD Gaming lately. The twitter has not been active and the moves that we promised at the start of the year have already not been met. There are a number of factors which have attributed to this, some out of our control, and others not. 


Our owner, Bofferz has recently suffered a collapsed lung which has taken him very much out of the action and allowed some of the team to slip and slide down to a poor work ethic. As a result, some changes are being made currently within the staff team in order to bolster productivity and to create a better environment for people to take initiative in the organisation. We have plans to bring in more staff to fill specific roles that people can manage around their personal lives and work.

Previous pickups to the organisation, such as the social media manager position became vacant almost immediately. Suddenly staff have had a number of things which have prevented them from being able to fufill their roles and we have had a number of departures from the organisation, most notably the two staff pickups we previously announced. 

Teams also fall into this category, immediately having issues with changing players in the CS:GO team which have now been resolved, and issues with the Call of Duty Youth Roster splitting up due to one person breaking off from the team. It's been an unfortunate series of events with regards to stability so we have taken the time to get everything together and new staff measures in place to ensure that this doesn't happen again. We are improving internal communications between managers and staff to better coodinate events, social presence, and making sure everyone knows their roles. 


As a result of this, we will be looking to fill out the vacancies we have in the organisation with experienced staff who are looking for a position which can net not only enjoyment with a rewarding working environment, but net profit in the not so distant future. The roles that we are looking for in management and staff are as follows: 


- Co-Owner to have a share in the organisation, assist in the day by day running of the organisation and fund into projects or teams going to events.

- A CS:GO Manager / Coach to manage / coach our CS:GO team. Ideally needs to be Swedish with a decent grasp of English in order to communicate with us. However English isn't essential as we can understand some Swedish. .

- An Esports Social Media Manager to manage our various social medias from an esports perspective. Making sure that our league games are updated, and that can tweet anything related to any of our esports teams.

- A Content Social Media Manager to work with our expanding content / streaming team. Important to make sure people are aware of when our crew are live and any upcoming events are going to be on for charity. Liasing with the content directors and making sure that all events are covered.

- General Manager to assist both Owners and COO with daily running, administration and decisions in the organisation. 


With regards to the teams we are looking to acquire, we will state what we're looking for and what the organisation expects from you. We will discuss funding and specific negotiations in private conversation. 

- Call of Duty Youth: We look to acquire a European Youth Call of Duty Roster to compete in Amateur leagues (VAL, EEG, ESHUB, Unity etc). We would expect the upmost professionalism, and stability with roster moves and consistent practise. We value dedication amongst our teams and players more than anything.

- Rocket League: We would love to branch into other esports starting with one that is very close to us as an organisation in our history. Rocket League is something we're familiar with and would be content with a team from anywhere in Europe. We would be discuss what your team would be looking to play in privately, whether that be RLCS or GFinity Challenger / Elite Series or something similar. 

- League of Legends: LoL is an esport which has been a goal of ours for sometime. Somewhat of a "crowning glory". We would love to hear any offers with regards to League of Legends and we're looking to compete in anything to do with it. 


Finally, thank you to all of those fans and followers who have stuck with us through these hard times. We know that things will be back to full operation soon. Your support is what keeps us going, and allows us to capitalise on fantasic opportunities that are presented to us. Thank you for being a part of the #VoiDFamily. Any and all enquiries regarding the advertised positions should be emailed to us at or to our owner at





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