Welcome VoiD Blandfers to #VoiDCS

Tue 10th Oct 2017 - 10:07pm : General : Gaming

Introducing VoiD Blandfers

Just a short amount of time into the team’s life span, the new #VoiDCS team have made a roster change, just before the start of the ESEA Season. Sadly it was time to part ways with Ph0zyyy due to some personal issues within the team, and we came to decision that mutually it would be the best course of action to move on and replace him with what we believe to be a wonderful opportunity and a great upgrade.

So with this we welcome one of the better known Swedish players, who has been wrecking it on the server over the past couple of weeks in the ESEA Main league, VoiD Blandfers. The Young Swede comes into the team at just 17 years of age, after tearing up the amateur Swedish scene for a short while. Blandfers is feeling good in the new team and is excited to be bringing a new era of Counter Strike to the VoiD Gaming brand and organisation. “I'm happy to have joined this new team and I feel like we have a bright future ahead of us” remarked Blandfers when asked how he feels about starting the next chapter to his career with the VoiD Gaming CS:GO Team.


The recent results for the team have proven to be great, after going 16-11 on Inferno, a map lower in our map pool, against one of the top teams, the Spanish side of G2.Vodaphone. The initial start to the ESEA Season has been a bit rocky with the introduction of the new man at short notice, but with hard work and dedication, things are coming together, and everything is coming into fruition just at the right time in the season!



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